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7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Pula, Croatia

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

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Welcome to Pula

Take it from the local! I was born and raised in Pula, and I moved to the USA when I was about 20 years old, but I always come back, every single summer, and I fall in love with it more and more. Here are the seven reasons why Pula, Croatia should be on your bucket list:

#1 It is the center of the universe

Alongside my state, Istria, which is going to get its own post, we have everything here! Beautiful beaches, world-class food, history (half of the city looks like ancient Rome), amazing hospitality, 5 star hotels & apartments, wide variety of festivals and nightlife, world-class wine, 4 beautiful diverse seasons, and not to mention that 30 mins of driving brings you to numerous stunning places like Pula, making the diversity close to proximity.

#2 The city feels and looks like ancient Rome

Outside of Italy, we have the most preserved ancient Roman history. Our amphitheater (also called Arena) is 2000 years old and is still in place and well maintained. We have a Temple of Augustus, Forum, Arch of Sergii, Roman Theatre, The Twin Gate, the Gate of Hercules, and many others to keep this article short. A short glimpse here:

Temple of Augustus Pula Croatia

#3 Beautiful Beaches

The water is so clean and clear that you will be mind-blown! Not to mention the tremendous amount of beaches such as Gortanova Uvala (I grew up there), Hawaiian Beach, Ambrela Beach, Golden Rocks, and the list goes on.

Pula beaches Croatia top Gortanova Uvala
Right next to Gortanova Uvala

#4 Food

As the entire country is a synonym for world-class food, so is Pula. The origin, tradition, handling, treatment, conditions, culture, and authenticity are all present here. Locally grown and raised is something you cannot beat with a bunch of butter, sugar or nice decoration. The authenticity cannot be copied, faked, and remade. Watch out for a top 10 list where to eat both in Pula and Croatia, and for now, check out my Instagram stories "CRO FOOD".

#5 Festivals

From food, film, music, light, book... You name it. We have all the festivals. One of the most famous are the Pula Film Festival, Outlook & Dimensions music festivals, and Visualia light festival among many others.

#6 Nature

Untouched, pristine, and just simply beautiful. Just as the entire country is. As mentioned before, the sea is clear, the forests are thick and full of life, caves and waterfalls a work of art, and full of parks, protected landscapes and endless beauty. Natural preservation is intact and its heritage will leave you breathless.

#7 Hospitality

Croatians are very friendly, welcoming, and hospitality is in their DNA. They love nature, and they are knowledgeable about the culture and the current state of affairs. In other words, they are very sociable, laid-back, and funny at the same time. However, this can be a double-edged sword in some of the bars and restaurants since most of the times hospitality workers are not compensated nearly enough and the tipping culture is not as high as in the USA, so many of the ice-cream shops worked were rolling their eyes when my girlfriend asked for a sample. Haha.


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