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How Matcha Green Tea Enhanced My Life And How It Can Enhance Yours

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Matcha green tea powder benefits, Using Matcha for Pre-Workout Abs FAT burn and weight loss
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My life has been an ongoing journey focusing on how I can become more efficient, enhanced, perform faster, smarter in every aspect of my life. I have spent valuable time and money exploring many supplements and herbs in order to achieve desired mental and physical superiority. Many of them worked okay, but only in one aspect. However, I found a supplement that has it all — MATCHA!

Since 2011 I have been using this green-wonder-powder and have not gone a day without it. I know this might sound like another sales pitch or just another ploy endorsement for a supplement. This is not the case as I have been scammed and bought these items only to be disappointed by non-occurring promised results. I will share my real life experience with Matcha and explain to you how Matcha can enhance your life with this short up-to-the-point article.

Before I tell you what Matcha is, I have some questions for you; that you have no doubt asked:

  • Do you feel tired?😴

  • Without energy?😕

  • Stressed-out?😱

  • Do you need a little extra boost? ⚡️

  • Or you just want to lose weight and improve your health and well-being? Well, don’t we all… 🙌

Matcha Detox and Energy boost no crash clean
🌿 An essential for my pre-workouts 😉

So what is Matcha?

Matcha is simply green tea leaves that are grounded into fine powder. Unlike the traditional green tea, where you steep tea bag in hot water, you ingest the entire leaf where all the magic happens. What makes it superior is these Japanese leaves are grown 70% in shadow; which enables them to retain all their wonderful, beneficial nutrients. Due to this growing and harvesting processes, we have the following benefits; along with some additional ones (listed below):

  • 15x more powerful than traditional green tea 🍵

  • 17x more antioxidants than orange juice 🍊

  • 9x more beta-carotene than spinach 🌱

  • 137x more antioxidants of brewed green tea 🙉

Additionally, Matcha is packed with essential vitamins and minerals while containing close to zero calories.

How can it benefit and enrich your well-being?

Matcha contains many benefits, which I have experienced it all, as it:

  • accelerates fat-burning and fat-loss

  • increases and sustains energy levels

  • boosts metabolism

  • increases focus and memory

  • improves skin health

  • detoxifies the body

  • no caffeine crash

Sustained energy with Matcha, great preworkout with no crash aids fat loss and fat burn
🍵Sustained energy release that won't let me stop working-out 💪😉

So why are you hesitating and not experiencing all these amazing benefits today?

There are many different brands out there and different grades to choose from... Feel free to leave me a comment on my latest photo on Instagram (the fastest and easiest way to reach me) and I will make sure to recommend you some great and trusted brands that I use.

Also, when I am on-the-go or simply do not want to drink Matcha, I use Matcha Capsules which are easy to carry and is the perfect solution for meeting your health needs, and for people who may not like for the taste of Matcha green tea.

How Matcha Green Tea enhances your life
🌿Matcha makes me HAPPY! 😍

Matcha is now an essential part of my morning routine. I use it without fail every time I go to the gym, have a demanding workload, am studying, working long hours or any other physical or mental challenges which I am able to surpass with a little help from Matcha.

Start respecting your body and mind now, and invest in a healthier future with Matcha!

Do you see yourself using Matcha?

Thank you for reading my first article. 🙏

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Until next time… take care my friends and stay healthy and happy! 😄



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