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Men’s Spring Style Essentials: What To Wear This Season (With Examples)

Updated: Mar 10

Men’s Spring STYLE Essentials: WHAT TO WEAR THIS SEASON (WITH EXAMPLES) Best Spring Clothing For Men

Spring has just started, which means time to lighten up, still layer, and enjoy warmer weather and more sunshine. Of course, brighten up the tones, but not too much. Switch from heavy wool/cotton to lighter wool/cotton and incorporate a bit of linen. Each season is unique, so let me guide you through a stylish Spring. You can blur the lines between Winter and Summer, but do not copy styles, fabrics, and my guide from the Fall. I hope you are ready for Spring cleaning and re-stocking.

Staple Pieces

men spring outfit  Spring Men's Fashion Trends & Style Tips

Time for shopping. Out with the old and in with the new!

A lot of blurred lines here between transitional Fall and almost Summerish. You can start rocking the polo shirts, layering them with unstructured blazers, lightweight jackets, or even sweaters. Lighter Denim is always a great choice, along with energizing chinos and maybe even shorts if it is hot. Feel free to experiment and find your style. Layering is the name of the game for Spring.


The key is to lighten the fabric's GSM (grams per square meter) from the Winter days. Always pay attention to the fabric's GSM, if possible, no matter the season. As always, I am sticking with natural fibers. This will always give you more clothes longevity, and it is better for your health. Recently, I got into hemp fabric and started to incorporate it, which is an excellent choice for you in Spring and for sustainability and our planet. Silk is also a great luxury choice for this season since it is breathable and can keep you warm and add such a wonderful touch to your outfits.

men spring fashion Men's Summer Fashion – Latest Trends in 2023

What about footwear?

Shoes can completely change your outfit. Materials, fabric, tones, and colors will also be more critical factors than altering the style or utility. Out with chunky boots and thick sneakers. Suede and velvet fit great into this season, and loafers should always be a staple for you, no matter what. Derby shoes are always a great choice, and if it is a good fit, incorporate high-top sneakers. Again, thickness, color, and materials here is the key.

Men's Spring Fashion 2023: The Latest Spring Trends

And accessories?

From thick beanies, long scarves, and dark oversized sunglasses to light beanies, more breathable hats, lightweight scarves, and see-through sunglasses. Again, fabric, tones, and colors will rule here. Same with footwear, you can incorporate velvet and suede in hats. Finally, you can show off more of your pocket squares, which should almost always be silk, but mixing it with linen and cotton is also an option. And since we are starting to show more skin and de-layering a bit, lovely pieces of jewelry will begin to get noticed more, so do not forget to incorporate it.

Mens Spring Fashion - Outfits Selected Just For You

Tones & Colors

Along with fabrics, this is the most critical part. You combine tones & colors between Winter and Summer, giving a lot of life and character to your outfits from dull Winter. Energizing and warm color pallets, but not too bright or crazy as you might do in the Summer. Pastels are also a great option here, and as always, earthy tones, neutrals, and black and white are essential year-round. Here is an excellent reference to inspire you:

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So how does that look altogether?

Now it is your turn! Let me see what you got, and tag me on Instagram @patrickvannegri so I can check you out and comment. Stay fashionable and dapper, my friend!


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