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Men’s Summer Style Essentials: What To Wear This Season (With Examples)

Updated: Mar 10

Men’s Summer STYLE Essentials: WHAT TO WEAR THIS SEASON (WITH EXAMPLES) Best Summer Clothing For Men

Summer is in full effect, which means time to lighten up your wardrobe, buy your new fashionable pieces, and put them together for another memorable Summer.

Still, I like to stick with natural fibers and include some exotic colors and interesting patterns while staying to my true self. Since it is getting hot, I like breathable pieces that don't trap hot air between your skin and fabric, and as always comfortable to the skin. So here is your guide on how to do so:

Staple Pieces

men summer outfit  Summer Men's Fashion Trends & Style Tips

These are my most exciting staple pieces for Summer. Of course, some of the other staples would be a t-shirt, seersucker, white sneakers, linen pants, and blazers. Accessories like sunglasses and hats are a must to protect yourself from the sun. As you know I love wearing shorts, so we will have loads of fabrics for it.


As always, natural fibers are my go-to. Especially when it comes to Summer. You don't want that hot air, humidity, and sweat to be trapped in between your skin and your clothes. It is the hottest time of the year, so we have to make sure we find the best breathable natural fibers. You do not want to sweat already more than you might do, or feel more uncomfortable than you might be. Cotton is always my first choice, but linen is a summer staple as well. Something you might not hear about before is Summer Wool, which is great when you decide to wear suits and blazers. I also like modal (it goes past just underwear) and incorporate it throughout the year as well.

men summer fashion Men's Summer Fashion – Latest Trends in 2021

What about footwear?

My favorite summer footwear – backless loafers! Dressy, still Summer shoes that let your foot breathe and making you comfortable and stylish. Of course, sandals are incorporated, even though I still did not adapt to it, but hopefully soon. They can be a transition from the beach to lunch/dinner. Penny loafers, driving, and boat shoes are always a big hit! Espadrilles are also a great option that I need to start incorporating for more casual and transitional looks. However, you are always welcome to wear traditional loafers and sneakers, but lighten up with the material and colors.

Men's Summer Fashion 2021: The Latest Summer Trends

And accessories?

As you've read in my Beauty, Self-care, Skincare & Grooming Foundations, you must protect yourself from the Sun with clothing first. Hats and sunglasses are a major essential here to do so, but also make your style unique. Always pick sunglasses based on your face shape, and with hats, you can go with a simple cap, but I also prefer Fedora hats. Furthermore, something that gets overlooked and you would never think about as an accessory is no-show socks. Please be hygienic and wear socks with your footwear. Lastly, a watch is always a statement piece, especially for Summer when you lighten it up with layers, so pick wisely and uniquely.

Mens Summer Fashion - Outfits Selected Just For You

Tones & Colors

As previously mentioned, light, tropical, pastel, exotic and lively colors are in. However, please do not overdo it, it can easily turn into a tremendous circus. Of course, white is the staple, and I love to use it almost always with every look I do. Along with white, cream, and any tones from white to brown are instantly approved. It gives it a touch of sophistication and elegance. So here are the schemes you can use:

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So how does that look all together?

Here are some looks that are an excellent inspo for you to start. Mind you, I live in Miami, so I have tons of those:

Now it is your turn! Let me see what you got, and tag me on Instagram @patrickvannegri so I can check you out and comment. Stay fashionable and dapper, my friends!


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