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Men's Fall Essentials: What To Wear This Season (With Examples)

Updated: Mar 10

fall fashion for men style guide and examples

How excited do you get for Fall fashion? Do you miss the layering, the jackets, and coats?

You finally get to layer and incorporate more pieces at once into your style that you were missing from Spring and Summer, as well as putting in more earthy and colder tones.

Living in Miami has its advantages, but disadvantages as well, so traveling during those colder months has definitely its benefits in terms of fashion & style.

Staple Pieces

Men's fashion for Fall 2019

Finally, you get to get your favorite trench coat, bikers jacket, denim jacket, leather jacket, or any of your favorite jacket, cozy and warm hoodies, parkas, oxford shirt, flannels, sweaters, henleys, pants, and the list goes on.


I try to stick natural fibers. Moving from summer linen to wool (even though I like to wear it in hot conditions since it is natural and breathable) and soft woven fabric such as flannel. As discussed through my Discover Cotton journey, cotton stays a stable year-round; just you can go with thicker denim and such. The leather starts to be essential as well through those two upcoming seasons. Here are fabrics to start and/or continuing rocking:

What to Wear This Fall

What about footwear?

Going from backless loafers to boots sounds like an extreme change, but you can start rocking classic Chelsea boots with denim, suits, or my favorite — trench coat. Any good looking boots will do its job and protect you from the cold and rainy weather. Sneakers become thicker, and your classic dress shoes are such as oxfords, chukkas, and derbies are going to get more presence.

shoes for fall 2019

And accessories?

Those are your typical pocket squares, ties, leather belts, bags, and watches; but depending on where you live, you can start implementing scarves and hats, and if you still see a lot of sun, sunglasses will do its job. Of course, mix it up with those fabrics and colors I mentioned in the beginning.

Fall style fashion accessories

Tones & Colors

White, gray, and black are good for year-round, but here are the tones and colors you cannot go wrong with for Fall, as well as take them with you into winter:

So how does that look all together?

Here are some looks that are an excellent inspo for you to start:

It is all about those Fall tones. Just look around yourself how the environment is changing its colors and shapes, and so should you! Have fun with it and do not be afraid to experiment!



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